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'm chuck todd. that's more pick of the courtroom in sanford, florida, where shortly george zimmerman's defense team will call witnesses to the stand. right now the court is considering several motions, whether to allow an animated recreation of events that shows george zimmerman's version of events on the night trayvon martin was shot to death. the state is pushing to exclude the animation. yesterday they called 10 witnesses to the stand including trayvon martin's father, tracy martin, who was asked about voices heard on 911 calls made on the night of his son's death. >>> before we get to political news we'll be joined by craig melvin and msnbc analyst lisa bloom from new york. craig, let me start with you. this pretrial prestart of the day, these pretrial motions, where do we stand on them? is this all about the animation? what else are they talking about? >> reporter: this right now is all about the animation. the gentleman you see on the stand, not mark o'mara, is a guy named daniel schumacher. he owns the company that made the animation. initially the state had objections to the
went into sanford, we heard horrible stories. lee had only been there a year. there was stories of this going on way back in the history of the sanford police department. lee had to resign because clearly they were continuing in what was not a balanced and fair way in the judgment of many. thanks for watching. i'm al sharpton. "hardball" starts right now. >>> who was trying for help? trayvon martin or george zimmerman? let's play some "hardball." >>> good evening. i'm michael smerconish in for chris matthews. leading off tonight, day 20 of the trayvon martin murder trial. it's the first full day for george zimmerman's defense team, which say they could rest their case as early as wednesday. zimmerman is pleading not guilty to second-degree murder charges, citing self-defense. well, today the defense team called witness after witness, including trayvon's father, tracy martin, in an attempt to counter last week's dramatic testimony from trayvon's mother, sybrina fulton. she told the court it was absolutely her son's voice yelling for help in the background of a neighbor's 911 call
to the tape again at the sanford mayor's office and played it about 20 times and knew that it was, in fact, his son, trayvon's voice. joining me now is karen desoto, criminal defense attorney. james peterson, msnbc contributor, director of african studies. and associate professor of english at lehigh university. and tim wise, anti-racism educator and author of the book "dear white america: letter to a new minority." it was incredibly difficult to watch trayvon martin's father on the stand today trying to hold it together, trying to keep his composure under these conditions. and it's strange to much time being spent on contesting this one piece of evidence, whose voice is on the tape? why is that important to the case, karen? >> it's important because obviously the defense wants to prove that zimmerman was not the aggressor, he didn't provoke the situation, and that he didn't create the situation. so if he was the one crying for help, obviously, you know, he wasn't the one who put himself in that situation. that's what they're trying to prove, and obviously whoever's crying for help is the
developing down in sanford. a little background on the case, we just had closing arguments in the case. bernie de la rionda for the prosecution, mark o'mara giving the defense summation. followed by john guy. so we are awaiting the six women in this jury, five of whom are white, one of whom has been described as hispanic or black or perhaps black hispanic. sanford majority white. the community has been tense and on edge for over a year since trayvon martin, who was visiting from miami, was shot by george zimmerman last year. we do have paul henderson, former prosecutor, still with us. paul, do we have you? >> i'm here, i'm live, i'm watching. >> paul, do we have any idea what's going on inside of that courtroom in seminole county? >> they've come back so quickly. they've only been deliberating for a day since they've had the evidence they're reviewing. at this point it's hard to tell what the decision is or if they may have a new question for the judge. it's interesting it's only been one day. keep in mind it's a weekend and i know there's a lot of pressure on the jury to make the deci
sanford, the disgraced former governor of south carolina, who left the state on taxpayer funds to travel to argentina to visit his mistress in 2009 recently won election to the house. former congressman anthony weiner left congress in 2011, after sexual pictures of him surfaced on twitter. after two years of elusiveness, weiner now finds himself neck in neck, if not leading the race for mayor of new york city. spitzer like weiner and sanford is gambling that voters will forgive him. former governor and now candidate eliot spitzer joins me now. governor, does running now mean that resigning was unwarranted? >> no, i think what it means is that -- and when i resigned, i felt very deeply that i had violated the public trust. i needed to act in accordance with my move that accountability means something. so i resigned. some people said, try to hang on, try to stay in office, and i said, no, i must resign. i've spent five years teaching, had some tv shows that are interesting, i have a book that's m coming out next week, which is a discussion of many of the market principles that drove what i
to assess what happened today. martin savidge is covering the trial for us. he's in sanford florida, together with cnn legal analyst together with former federal prosecutor sunny hostin and martin is joining us from miami. martin, this is all very dramatic and at least the sense was that the defense managed to counter some of the impressions left the other day when trayvon martin's mother and brother testified. they insisted that that voice screaming on that 911 call was the voice of trayvon martin. >> well, again, this was another really remarkable moment, wolf, inside of that courtroom. think about it. you have tracy martin, the father, who is called to the witness stand and questioned by the attorney who is defending the man who killed tracy martin's son. that's of course trayvon martin. so that unto itself sets up the drama. but then you have the issue of a father that is now, as you just pointed out, there were two detectives that took the stand and said unequivocally that they heard tracy martin when they asked him whose voice that was calling 911, that was your son, they hear
9 11 call. a live report from the courthouse in sanford, florida, next. >> whose voice is that? >> george's. >> and how do you know that? >> i recognized his voice. i've heard him speak many times. i have no doubt in my mind that's his voice. jenna: well, "happening now," the george zimmerman trial is underway at this hour with defense testimony aiming at combating the second-degree murder charge zimmerman faces in the shooting death of 17-year-old trayvon martin. phil keating is live outside the court in sanford, florida, with the very latest for us now. phil? >> hi, jenna. we're on lunch break right now, and perhaps a sign this jury is getting antsy about getting back to home, they opted not to take any breaks at all all morning. so they didn't actually take their first break til lunch at about 12:15. a very fast-paced parade of witnesses in the courtroom this morning as the first full day of george zimmerman's defense case really got underway. and just like his mother and uncle's testimony last friday night, each witness today identifying zimmerman as the one screaming on th
in sanford, florida, had been able to can handle the case, we woul have a more trial. >> the jury now knows that. the chief of police testified that he no longer has that job. >> you juxtapose race, you juxtapose the law, and politics. this is what happened. a prosecutor's office that may not really be seeking a conviction here. >> why do they do that? why did they take it away from the original? >> it goes back to your point. the media. the media got a hold of this. certain people in the public eye got a hold of this. there were marches. the problem these people had was with the stand your ground law that led to zimmerman not being arrested. >> i don't know if it has to do with the law. the law is the law. there's self-defense in just about every state in this country. the media was misleading. we know nbc edited that 911 tape and spun the story in a different way. >> had he been arrested the day that this happened, the trial would have gone on without any of us knowing about it. >> let me interject this. i don't think we can blame it totally on the media. i go back to the politicians. the
fine in louisiana and sanford making a comeback and said the american vote is more forgiving than people sometimes give them credit for. was that part of the process? >> i think my sense that the public has a capacity to forgive has grown and i've understood that from what i call my walking down the street poll sensitivity. anybody who's in politics interacts with people, and even though i'm not in politics, obviously, i'm well enough known so i talk to people. i enjoy that process. when you talk to people, you understand their emotions. i see that forgiveness and willingness to give folks a second chance and obviously the samples you just gave are evidence of that. whether that will transfer to me is an open question. every case is different. and that is why there's massive uncertainty. risk. and as there should be, and is rightly the case that there's risk. so, yes, certainly i understand that sense of forgiveness. it is a quality that i think we like and respect in human nature. the capacity to forgive. it's sometimes parsimoniously afforded to people. >> so you're now running
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)